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Published on Thursday, 21 August 2014
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Bangladesh Engineering Industry Owners' Association (BEIOA)

38, Tipu Sultan Road
Dhaka - 1100
Telephone: +880-2-9583565
Fax: +880-2-47111161

Mob: 01911-211022

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Web: http://

Associate Member

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Published on Thursday, 21 August 2014
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Associate Member List
Satter Engineering Works
Md. Sharif Hossain
6/2, Tipu Sultan Road. Dhaka.
Babul Engineering Works
Babul Malakar
65, Goyal Ghat Lane.Dhaka.
S.B Industries
Md. Najim Uddin
2/1 Nawabpur Road,Dholaikhal,Dhaka.
Pacific Enigineering Works
Md.Azahar Ali
3,North Moisundi,Tipu Sultan Road,Dhaka.
Mobaz Popular Lock Factory
Mr. Md. Nowshad
205, Lal Mohan Shaha Street,New Road Dholaikhal.Dhaka.
S.K Engineering Works
Md. Abu Shahid Gong
30, Lal Mohan Shaha Street,New Road Dholaikhal.Dhaka
Quality Pattern & Engineering Works
Krishno Babu
16/2, Tipu Sultan Road Dhaka
Rahim Engineering Works
Haji Md. Abdur Rahim
17/1,Panch Bhai Ghat lane,Dholaikhal. Dhaka.
Bhai Bhai Engineering Works
Md. Mojibur Rahman Gong
19,Outer Circuler Road,Rajar Bagh,Dhaka
9345242,Mob: 01711-676492
Sea Auto Engineering Works
Md. Kolim Hossain
51/2, Bonogram Road ,Dhaka.
7124595,Mob: 01817-580386
A. Box Engineering Works
Md. Abdur Rashid
38, Tipu Sultan Road
Dhaka Engineering
Gongga Prashad Sorker Gong
1, Chondichoron Bosh Street, Wari, Dhaka.
Pajowar Engineering Works
Sri Lolot Mojumdar
24,Joykali Mondir,Wari,Dhaka.
S.B. Engineering Works
Md. Abdur Rahman Babul Gong
38,Tipu Sultan Road Dhaka.
Siddique Engineering Works
Md. Siddiqur Rahman Sheikh
1,Nawab Street,Wari, Dhaka.
Dhaka Mold & Engineering Works
Md. Abdul Based
32/1,Hosni Dalan Road,Dhaka
7300660 Mob: 01712-296787
Tuhin & Brothers Engineering Works
Alauddin Ahmed
96,Narinda Road, Dhaka.
A. Rahman Engineering Works
Md. Abdur Rahman
29,Goyal Ghat lane, Dhaka.
New Nipun Engineering
Masuma Akter Minu
54/55,Tipu Sultan Road,Dhaka.
Alam Radio Water Works
Md. Alam
60/1,Tipu Sultan Road,Dhaka.
Giyasuddin Nikel & Polish Factory
Md. Giyasuddin
26,Nawabpur Road, Dhaka.
Mob: 01819-458913
Gourango Radio Water Works
Md. Mohiuddin
60/1,Tipu Sultan Road,Dhaka.
Mob: 01716-876606
K.S Engineering Works
Md. Kolim Ahmed
15/21,Tipu Sultan Road,Dhaka.
S.R Engineering Works
Md. Golam Nobi
62/1,Goyalghat,New Road,Dhaka.
H.Rahman Engineering Works
Md.Hafijur Rahman
25, B.C.C Road,Dhaka
Mob: 01712-426971,01712-383661
Samad Engineerign Works
Md. Ahmed Kabir
Mob: 01190-472285
Brothers Engineering Works
Md.Ehsanul Kabir
46/47, K.B. Urdu Road,Lalbagh,Dhaka.
Alfa Engineering Works
Md. Abdul Khaleque
56, Shamibagh,New Road,Dhaka.
7110793,7418339 Mob: 01712-841229
Montu Engineering Works
Md. Montu Miah
68/1, Goyal Ghat Lane,Dhaka.
Mob: 01711-637661
Taif Engineering Works
S.M Babul
20,Podmonidhi Lane,Dhaka.
A.K Engineering Works
Md. Shahjahan Alam
20,Tipu Sultan Road,Dhaka.
7119549 Mob: 01819-257091
New Bhai Bhai Engineering Works
Md. Aminul Islam Gong
38,Tipu Sultan Road,Dhaka.
Al Jilani Engineering Works
Md. Mohiuddin Chowdhary
48,Tipu Sultan Road,Dhaka.
Zahid Engineering Works
Mohammad Nijam
21/1,Modonpal Lane,Nawabpur,Dhaka.
Fima Engineering Wotrks
Md. Faiyaz Ahmed
53,Tipu Sultan Road,Dhaka.
7168058 Mob: 01711-904690
Akter Welding Works
Md. Akter Hossain
6,Jorpul Lane, New Road,Dhaka.
Ideal Engineering Works
Sri Shonkor Chondro Ghosh
Shadeshi Engineering Works
Shanti Ronjon Ghosh
30,Lal Mohon Shaha Street,Dhaka.
S.A Molding Works
Sri Odhiram Baroi
6, Jorpul Lane, Dhaka.
7111608 mob: 01911-348515
Dhaka Molding Foundry
Md. Abdus Shahid
49/A, Tipu Sultan Road,Dhaka
Kalam Welding Works
Md. Abul Kalam
29/B, Goyalghat New Road,Dhaka.
Mahmud Metal Works
Md. Azhar Ali
18,Korimolla Bagh,Faridabatt,Dhaka.
Qazi Hasan Engineering Works
Qazi Alam Liton
108,Doyagong City Corporation Market (Truck Stand),Dhaka.
7410743 Mob: 01711-544283,01819-744628
Soleman Engineering Works
Md. Soleman
13/1,Kunjo Babu lane,Koltabazar,Dhaka.
Kaiyum Engineering Works
Md. Abdul Kaiyum Munshi
4,Joginogor Road,Wari, Dhaka.
A.N Engineering Works
Md. Amin
30, Bonogram Road,Dhaka.
Al Amin Ship Builders & Dockyard
Md. Habibur Rahman
Char Kaligong,Keranigong,Dhaka.
Rajib Engineering Works
Gopinath Shaja Gong
Char Kaligong,Keranigong,Dhaka.
Khulna Ship Builders Dockyards & Engineering
Md. Ruhul Amin Khan
Char Kaligong,Keranigong,Dhaka.
B.S Pattern Works
Alhaj Abdus Samad
45,Lalchan Mukim Lane,Dhaka.
Mob: 01711-007031
Mukta Engineering Works
Md. Sadeq Hossain
7116752,7117829 Mob: 01819-145651
M.G Fuel Pump Service
Md. Golap Hossain
1,Chondi Choron Bosh Street,Wari,Dhaka.
Modina Engineering Works
Khondokar Johir Alam
22/78,East Islam Bagh,Lalbagh,Dhaka.
M. Rahman Enterprise
Md. Mojibur Rahman
23,Northbrook Hall Road,Banglabazar,Dhaka.
Zabed Engineering Works
Zabed Akter
17/1,Tipu Sultan Road,Dhaka.
Gaffer Engineering Works
Abdul Gaffer lucky
6/4, Tipu sultan Road,Dhaka.
7117619 Mob: 01711-686202,01715-040211
Afsana Mechanical Works
Md. Rustom Ali
77, Narinda Road,Dhaka.
Ibrahim Engineering Works
Md. Ibrahim
30,Lalchan Mukim Lane,Goyal ghat,Dhaka.
Sonali Engineering Works
Abdul Mojid Gong
61,Goyal Ghat,New Road,Dhaka.
Kaiyum Engineering Works
Md. Kaiyum
203/2,Nawabpur Road,Dhaka.
Mob: 01911-359954
Beauty Expanded Industries
Haji Md. Kanu Miah
203/3,Nawabpur Road,Dhaka.
Rashida Engineering Works
Rashida Begum
203/3,Nawabpur Road,Dhaka.
Frequency Engineering
Ajit Chocroborty
16/1,Arfanej Road,DhakesshoryMondir,Lalbagh,Dhaka.
9667671,9117699,8614995 Mob: 01711-677606
Jane Alam Engineering Works
Md. Jane Alam
83/3, Shamibagh, Dhaka.
Sikder Engineering Works
Vojhory Sikder
Railway Iron Market,Postogola,Dhaka.
7420838 Mob: 01817-013834
Estern Gas Strove
Md. Hossain
99/3,Nasiruddin Sarder Lane,Dhaka.
Estern Engineering Works
Md. Hossain
99/3,Nasiruddin Sarder Lane,Dhaka.
Mannan Engineering Works
Md. Abdul Mannan
32, Goyal Ghat lane,Dhaka.
Moon Engineering Works
Md. Riaz Uddin
6/3, Tipu Sultan Road, Dhaka.
M.R Rabar & Engineeing Works
Md. Robiullah
50/1,Lutfor Rahman Lane,Suritola,Dhaka.
J.S Engineering Works
Md. Shabuddin Fantu
30, Bonogram Road,Dhaka.
A.M Engineering Works
Ajgor Ali
145, Bonogram Road,Dhaka.
Morshed Electric Engineering
Md. Morshed Alam
42/2, Tipu Sultan Road,Dhaka.
Akbor Engineering Works
Akbor Ali
15/15,Lalchan Mukim Lane,Dhaka.
7122979 Mob: 01712-112258
D.R Engineeing Works
Md. Din Islam
18,Bonogram Road,Dhaka.
Sheh Ekramul Haque
16, Bonogram Road,Dhaka.
Meghna Engineering Works
Md. Liton
33/1,Hoshni Dalan Road,Dhaka.
Babul Engineering Works
Md. Babul Hossain
32,Hoshni Dalan Road,Dhaka.
Mostafa Engineering Works
Md. Mostafa
38/1,Hoshni Dlaan Road,Dhaka.
Sultan Engineering Works
Md. Sultan Khan
49/50, Hoshni Dalan Road,Dhaka.
Bajitpur Steel Products
Md. Masum Miah
64/1, North Jatrabari,Dhaka-1204.
7519524 Mob: 01711-136886

How to be a Member

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Any individual, partnership firms and company owning Engineering workshops / industries situated at any where in Bangladesh will be eligible to become Member of this Samity.


 The members of the Samity shall pay an admission fee and annual Subscription at the rate fixed as under :

 Class of Members  Admission fee Annual Subscription
 General Member  TK. 3000/-  TK. 3000/-
 Associate Member  TK. 2000/-  TK. 2000/-


Provided that the rates may be altered as modified by the Samity from time to time in the Annual general meeting.



  1. On payment of the admission fees and annual subscriptions in advance at the rate or rates application.
  2. On payment of all sums provided for in the rules and by-laws of the Samity.
  3. On submission of up-to-date Trade license and Income Tax Certificate if he / She (applicant) be a Tax-Payer in attested copies as true copy within the period prescribed by the Samity.
  4. On submission of 2 Copy P.P Size Photography.


On complying with such conditions signing such declaration of agreements as may be required by Executive Committee to be signed by the Member

General Member

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BEIOA General Member Directory 2020-2021