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Published on Thursday, 21 August 2014
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Bangladesh Engineering Industry Owners' Association (BEIOA)

38, Tipu Sultan Road
Dhaka - 1100
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Telephone: +880-2-7173403
Fax: +880-2-7119011

Associate Member

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Associate Member List
Satter Engineering Works
Md. Sharif Hossain
6/2, Tipu Sultan Road. Dhaka.
Babul Engineering Works
Babul Malakar
65, Goyal Ghat Lane.Dhaka.
S.B Industries
Md. Najim Uddin
2/1 Nawabpur Road,Dholaikhal,Dhaka.
Pacific Enigineering Works
Md.Azahar Ali
3,North Moisundi,Tipu Sultan Road,Dhaka.
Mobaz Popular Lock Factory
Mr. Md. Nowshad
205, Lal Mohan Shaha Street,New Road Dholaikhal.Dhaka.
S.K Engineering Works
Md. Abu Shahid Gong
30, Lal Mohan Shaha Street,New Road Dholaikhal.Dhaka
Quality Pattern & Engineering Works
Krishno Babu
16/2, Tipu Sultan Road Dhaka
Rahim Engineering Works
Haji Md. Abdur Rahim
17/1,Panch Bhai Ghat lane,Dholaikhal. Dhaka.
Bhai Bhai Engineering Works
Md. Mojibur Rahman Gong
19,Outer Circuler Road,Rajar Bagh,Dhaka
9345242,Mob: 01711-676492
Sea Auto Engineering Works
Md. Kolim Hossain
51/2, Bonogram Road ,Dhaka.
7124595,Mob: 01817-580386
A. Box Engineering Works
Md. Abdur Rashid
38, Tipu Sultan Road
Dhaka Engineering
Gongga Prashad Sorker Gong
1, Chondichoron Bosh Street, Wari, Dhaka.
Pajowar Engineering Works
Sri Lolot Mojumdar
24,Joykali Mondir,Wari,Dhaka.
S.B. Engineering Works
Md. Abdur Rahman Babul Gong
38,Tipu Sultan Road Dhaka.
Siddique Engineering Works
Md. Siddiqur Rahman Sheikh
1,Nawab Street,Wari, Dhaka.
Dhaka Mold & Engineering Works
Md. Abdul Based
32/1,Hosni Dalan Road,Dhaka
7300660 Mob: 01712-296787
Tuhin & Brothers Engineering Works
Alauddin Ahmed
96,Narinda Road, Dhaka.
A. Rahman Engineering Works
Md. Abdur Rahman
29,Goyal Ghat lane, Dhaka.
New Nipun Engineering
Masuma Akter Minu
54/55,Tipu Sultan Road,Dhaka.
Alam Radio Water Works
Md. Alam
60/1,Tipu Sultan Road,Dhaka.
Giyasuddin Nikel & Polish Factory
Md. Giyasuddin
26,Nawabpur Road, Dhaka.
Mob: 01819-458913
Gourango Radio Water Works
Md. Mohiuddin
60/1,Tipu Sultan Road,Dhaka.
Mob: 01716-876606
K.S Engineering Works
Md. Kolim Ahmed
15/21,Tipu Sultan Road,Dhaka.
S.R Engineering Works
Md. Golam Nobi
62/1,Goyalghat,New Road,Dhaka.
H.Rahman Engineering Works
Md.Hafijur Rahman
25, B.C.C Road,Dhaka
Mob: 01712-426971,01712-383661
Samad Engineerign Works
Md. Ahmed Kabir
Mob: 01190-472285
Brothers Engineering Works
Md.Ehsanul Kabir
46/47, K.B. Urdu Road,Lalbagh,Dhaka.
Alfa Engineering Works
Md. Abdul Khaleque
56, Shamibagh,New Road,Dhaka.
7110793,7418339 Mob: 01712-841229
Montu Engineering Works
Md. Montu Miah
68/1, Goyal Ghat Lane,Dhaka.
Mob: 01711-637661
Taif Engineering Works
S.M Babul
20,Podmonidhi Lane,Dhaka.
A.K Engineering Works
Md. Shahjahan Alam
20,Tipu Sultan Road,Dhaka.
7119549 Mob: 01819-257091
New Bhai Bhai Engineering Works
Md. Aminul Islam Gong
38,Tipu Sultan Road,Dhaka.
Al Jilani Engineering Works
Md. Mohiuddin Chowdhary
48,Tipu Sultan Road,Dhaka.
Zahid Engineering Works
Mohammad Nijam
21/1,Modonpal Lane,Nawabpur,Dhaka.
Fima Engineering Wotrks
Md. Faiyaz Ahmed
53,Tipu Sultan Road,Dhaka.
7168058 Mob: 01711-904690
Akter Welding Works
Md. Akter Hossain
6,Jorpul Lane, New Road,Dhaka.
Ideal Engineering Works
Sri Shonkor Chondro Ghosh
Shadeshi Engineering Works
Shanti Ronjon Ghosh
30,Lal Mohon Shaha Street,Dhaka.
S.A Molding Works
Sri Odhiram Baroi
6, Jorpul Lane, Dhaka.
7111608 mob: 01911-348515
Dhaka Molding Foundry
Md. Abdus Shahid
49/A, Tipu Sultan Road,Dhaka
Kalam Welding Works
Md. Abul Kalam
29/B, Goyalghat New Road,Dhaka.
Mahmud Metal Works
Md. Azhar Ali
18,Korimolla Bagh,Faridabatt,Dhaka.
Qazi Hasan Engineering Works
Qazi Alam Liton
108,Doyagong City Corporation Market (Truck Stand),Dhaka.
7410743 Mob: 01711-544283,01819-744628
Soleman Engineering Works
Md. Soleman
13/1,Kunjo Babu lane,Koltabazar,Dhaka.
Kaiyum Engineering Works
Md. Abdul Kaiyum Munshi
4,Joginogor Road,Wari, Dhaka.
A.N Engineering Works
Md. Amin
30, Bonogram Road,Dhaka.
Al Amin Ship Builders & Dockyard
Md. Habibur Rahman
Char Kaligong,Keranigong,Dhaka.
Rajib Engineering Works
Gopinath Shaja Gong
Char Kaligong,Keranigong,Dhaka.
Khulna Ship Builders Dockyards & Engineering
Md. Ruhul Amin Khan
Char Kaligong,Keranigong,Dhaka.
B.S Pattern Works
Alhaj Abdus Samad
45,Lalchan Mukim Lane,Dhaka.
Mob: 01711-007031
Mukta Engineering Works
Md. Sadeq Hossain
7116752,7117829 Mob: 01819-145651
M.G Fuel Pump Service
Md. Golap Hossain
1,Chondi Choron Bosh Street,Wari,Dhaka.
Modina Engineering Works
Khondokar Johir Alam
22/78,East Islam Bagh,Lalbagh,Dhaka.
M. Rahman Enterprise
Md. Mojibur Rahman
23,Northbrook Hall Road,Banglabazar,Dhaka.
Zabed Engineering Works
Zabed Akter
17/1,Tipu Sultan Road,Dhaka.
Gaffer Engineering Works
Abdul Gaffer lucky
6/4, Tipu sultan Road,Dhaka.
7117619 Mob: 01711-686202,01715-040211
Afsana Mechanical Works
Md. Rustom Ali
77, Narinda Road,Dhaka.
Ibrahim Engineering Works
Md. Ibrahim
30,Lalchan Mukim Lane,Goyal ghat,Dhaka.
Sonali Engineering Works
Abdul Mojid Gong
61,Goyal Ghat,New Road,Dhaka.
Kaiyum Engineering Works
Md. Kaiyum
203/2,Nawabpur Road,Dhaka.
Mob: 01911-359954
Beauty Expanded Industries
Haji Md. Kanu Miah
203/3,Nawabpur Road,Dhaka.
Rashida Engineering Works
Rashida Begum
203/3,Nawabpur Road,Dhaka.
Frequency Engineering
Ajit Chocroborty
16/1,Arfanej Road,DhakesshoryMondir,Lalbagh,Dhaka.
9667671,9117699,8614995 Mob: 01711-677606
Jane Alam Engineering Works
Md. Jane Alam
83/3, Shamibagh, Dhaka.
Sikder Engineering Works
Vojhory Sikder
Railway Iron Market,Postogola,Dhaka.
7420838 Mob: 01817-013834
Estern Gas Strove
Md. Hossain
99/3,Nasiruddin Sarder Lane,Dhaka.
Estern Engineering Works
Md. Hossain
99/3,Nasiruddin Sarder Lane,Dhaka.
Mannan Engineering Works
Md. Abdul Mannan
32, Goyal Ghat lane,Dhaka.
Moon Engineering Works
Md. Riaz Uddin
6/3, Tipu Sultan Road, Dhaka.
M.R Rabar & Engineeing Works
Md. Robiullah
50/1,Lutfor Rahman Lane,Suritola,Dhaka.
J.S Engineering Works
Md. Shabuddin Fantu
30, Bonogram Road,Dhaka.
A.M Engineering Works
Ajgor Ali
145, Bonogram Road,Dhaka.
Morshed Electric Engineering
Md. Morshed Alam
42/2, Tipu Sultan Road,Dhaka.
Akbor Engineering Works
Akbor Ali
15/15,Lalchan Mukim Lane,Dhaka.
7122979 Mob: 01712-112258
D.R Engineeing Works
Md. Din Islam
18,Bonogram Road,Dhaka.
Sheh Ekramul Haque
16, Bonogram Road,Dhaka.
Meghna Engineering Works
Md. Liton
33/1,Hoshni Dalan Road,Dhaka.
Babul Engineering Works
Md. Babul Hossain
32,Hoshni Dalan Road,Dhaka.
Mostafa Engineering Works
Md. Mostafa
38/1,Hoshni Dlaan Road,Dhaka.
Sultan Engineering Works
Md. Sultan Khan
49/50, Hoshni Dalan Road,Dhaka.
Bajitpur Steel Products
Md. Masum Miah
64/1, North Jatrabari,Dhaka-1204.
7519524 Mob: 01711-136886

How to be a Member

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Any individual, partnership firms and company owning Engineering workshops / industries situated at any where in Bangladesh will be eligible to become Member of this Samity.


 The members of the Samity shall pay an admission fee and annual Subscription at the rate fixed as under :

 Class of Members  Admission fee Annual Subscription
 General Member  TK. 1000  TK. 1000/-
 Associate Member  TK. 500/-  TK. 500/-


Provided that the rates may be altered as modified by the Samity from time to time in the Annual general meeting.



  1. On payment of the admission fees and annual subscriptions in advance at the rate or rates application.
  2. On payment of all sums provided for in the rules and by-laws of the Samity.
  3. On submission of up-to-date Trade license and Income Tax Certificate if he / She (applicant) be a Tax-Payer in attested copies as true copy within the period prescribed by the Samity.
  4. On submission of 2 Copy P.P Size Photography.


On complying with such conditions signing such declaration of agreements as may be required by Executive Committee to be signed by the Member

General Member

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General Member List
Hossain Engineering Works
Shaikh Md. Sharif Hossain
15/23, Tipu Sultan Road, Dhaka
7120973, 7116789, 8119393
Star Engineering Works
Md. Mahbub Alam
16, Tipu Sultan Road, Dhaka
Babor Metal Engineering Works
Md. Babor Ali
16/1, Tipu Sultan Road, Dhaka
7121991, 7116927, 01711-530548
Asian Tools
Saiyed Reja Hossain
42/1/A, Tipu Sultan Road, Dhaka
Bipa Engineering Works
S. M Moniruzzaman Khokon
16/1, Tipu Sultan Road, Dhaka
Central Moulding Engineering Works
Monzur Alam
16/3, Tipu Sultan Road, Dhaka
7118038, 01715-096732
Harun Engineering Works
Md. Delowar Hossain Dilu
13, Tipu Sultan Road, Dhaka
7118984, 01715-267228
Tajdir Engineering Works
Md. Tajdir Ahmmed
15/18, Tipu Sultan Road, Dhaka
7111355, 01711-157501
Swiss Engineering Works
Md. Jabed Ahmed
34, Tipu Sultan Road, Dhaka
Nordan Engineering Works
Md. Nazrul Islam
5/A, Tipu Sultan Road, Dhaka
7118380, 01711-524099
Modern Engineering Works
Shree Komol Chandra Sarakar
41, Tipu Sultan Road, Dhaka
Jewel Engineering Works
Md. Anowar Hossain
15/8-9,Tipu Sultan Road, Dhaka
7118956, 01714-013613
General Engineering Works
Md. Mahbub Alam
21, Tiplu Sultan Road, Dhaka
Zakir Machine Tools
Md. Zakir Ahmmed
24/2, Tipu Sultan Road, Dhaka
7116444, 7114254
S. K Engineering Works
Md. Jahid Hossain
1/C, Shahid Nazrul Islam Road, Hatkhola Road, Dhaka
Quality Engineering Works
Shaikh Md. Mahbub Ali Gong
25/5, Tipu Sultan Road, Dhaka
7111066, 7124893, 01911-359505
Rasel Engineering Works
Shaikh Abdul Mannan
25/4, Tipu Sultan Road, Dhaka
Gausia Engineering Works
Md. Abdul Awal Miah
20, Tipu Sultan Road, Dhaka
Beauty Moulding Works
Md. Yusuf Gong
67, North Moishundy, Dhaka
7121804, 01711-534413
New Moulding Works
Md. Salim Munna
4/2, Tipu Sultan Road, Dhaka
Fatema Engineering Industries
Md. Ibrahim Khalik Gong
58, Dr. Radha Sam Saha Street, North Moishundy, Dhaka
7121253, 01712-257690
Milling Master Engineering Works
Mr. Falex Rozario
34, Tipu Sultan Road, Dhaka
7114342, 7112219
The Padma Engineering Works
Shree Poresh Chandra Mondal
25/8, Tipu Sultan Road, Dhaka
7115686, 01715-100040
M. M Engineering Works
Md. Monir Hossain
78/4, North Jatrabary, Kajla, Demra, Dhaka
7512197, 7118309 ®, 01715-752412
Ahmmed Engineering Works
Md. Yusuf Iqbal
17, Lalchan Mukim Lane, Dhaka
7122979, 01711-528759
Sadek Metal Industries
Md. Naju Miah
47, Lalchan Mukim Lane, Dhaka
7116754, 7117829
Nipun Engineering
Alhaj Abul Hashim
29/1, Goyalghat Lane, Dhaka
7118121, 01711-532225
Naqib Karigory Karkhana
Mrs. Nurjahan Begum
15/15, Tipu Sultan Road, Dhaka
7111674, 01711-613795
Asia Corporation
Md. Amir Hossain
49, Lalchan Mukim Lane, Dhaka
Al-Hessan Engineering Works
Md. Qurban Hossain Shah
47/3, Toyanaby Circular Road, Dhaka
9565030, 9568359, 01711-690052
Hyder Engineering Works
Md. Hyder Ali
10, Folder Street, Dhaka
9567068, 01711-069675
Union Engineering Works
Md. Zia Uddin
23/1, Joykali Mondir Road, Dhaka
7122731, 7417557
Munmun Engineering Works
Md. Monir Hossain Monu
19/1, Shamibagh, New Road, Dhaka
7117707, 01711-100824
Dayas Metalic Industries
Shree Dinesh Chandra Ghosh
19/1/A, Larmini Street, Wari, Dhaka
7116209, 7123000
Shakil Engineering Works
Shakil Aktar
12, Folder Street, Wari, Dhaka
9567068, 01711-524591
Janata Auto Engineering Works
Quder Naowaz
1, Folder Street, Wari, Dhaka
7114569, 9557914, 01712-195419, 9564113
Rai Engineering Works
Prodip Kumar Rai
10, Shamibagh, New Road, Dhaka
7115788, 01715-229820
Sucharu Prokowsholy
Sayed Mostafiz Hossain
80/2, Bonogram Road, Dhaka
741115, 01819-292241
Azad Spring & Co.
Md. Alaudddin
15, Taherbagh, Dhaka
Jane Alam Engineering Works
Md. Jane Alam
13, Joginagar Road, Dhaka
7114091, 01199-858359, 01715-164560
Brothers Engineering Works
Md. Gias Uddin
74, Taherbagh Road, Dhaka
7118979, 01819-142553, 01711-200886
Akbar Engineering Works
Md. Ali Akbar
27, Taherbagh, Dhaka
7124463, 7161293, 01711-549007
Super Singn Industries
Shree Prodip Chan Dugar
108, BCC Road, Dhaka
7118852, 7115193
National Spring Works
Md. Abdul Gaffar
49, Bonogram Road, Dhaka
7124091, 01199-875061
Habib Engineering Works
Md. Sirajul Islam
66,Taherbagh Road, Dhaka
7122832, 01711-662579
Ahsan Engineering Works
Md. Ahsan Ahmed
113, Madanpal Lane, Dhaka
7115314, 7113005, 01711-566257, 01711-566259
K.S.D Engineering Works
Yar Mohammad Kalu
439/1, Muradpur, Jurain, Dhaka
7413966, 7113040, 01812-000104
Bashar Engineering Works
Md. Safiul Bashar
57, Taherbagh Road, Dhaka
7123011, 01712-682800
City Engineering Works
Md. Awal Hossain
98, Narinda Road, Dhaka
Bikrompur Engineering Works
Md. Sirajul Haque
45/1, Laxmibazar, Dhaka
7122815, 7412386, 01711-334187
Sun rise Engineering
Abdur Razzaque
31, Nandalal Datta Lane, Laxmibazar, Dhaka
7115425, 01713-047627
M. Jan & Yusuf Engineering Works
Md. Yusuf
47/1, Lal Mohon Shah Street, Dholaikhal, Dhaka
7116786, 7117261
Abul Gas Kit & Engineering Works
Abul Hossain Khan
74/1, Lal Mohon Shah Street, Dholaikhal, Dhaka
7175470, 7119686, 01711-614496
Bishwanath Engineering & Reaparing Works
Shree Bishwanath Mondal
74/1, Lal Mohon Shah Street, Dholaikhal, Dhaka
Panch Bhai Engineering
Hajee M.A Baten Chowdhury
98, Narinda Road, Dhaka
7111183, 7117525, 01711-164273
Shahab Uddin Egnineering Works
Md. Shahab Uddin
30, Panch Bhai Ghat Lane, Dholaikhal, Dhaka
Usha Traders
Quazi Ishaq Uddin
204/B/2, Tejgaon I/A, Tejgaon, Dhaka
9898292, 01819-215574
Chowdhury Engineering Works
Golam Morshad Chowdhury Kazol
181, East Tejtury Bazar, Tejgaon, Dhaka
9113729, 01712-153572, 01552-408596
S. Ali Metal Industries Pvt. Ltd.
Dr. M.S Ali
22, DIT Road, Industrial Area, Pastagola, Dhaka
7410079, 01716-459646
New Ovi Engineering Works
Md. Abdul Alim
N476/B, Malibagh DIT Road, Dhaka
8317572, 01711-524709
Sayed Welding & Engineering Works
Md. Sayed Ahmmed
190, Tejgaon I/A, Dhaka
9898351, 01711-591690, 9893603
Estarn Engineering Works
Md. Rawshan Ali
F/52/1, Mohakhaly, Dhaka
Progoty Engineering Works
Md. Borhan Uddin
70, South Shahjahanpur, Dhaka
01711-124661, 01819-191403
Jurain Engineering Works
Alhaj A. S. M Nurul Islam Kotowal
1924, Hajee Khurshad Ali Sardar Road, Jurain, Dhaka
7415598, 01711-685702
Jainal Abedin & Co. Ltd.
Mrs. Hasna Jahan
114/2/A, Hajee Lalmiah Sardar Road, Muradpur, Jurain, Dhaka
7415424, 01819-219927
Zakir Engineering Associate Ltd.
Md. Jahangir Khan
26, Modonpal Lane, Nawabpur, Dhaka
7119814, 8615230, 01711-808084
Ujala Engineering Industries
Md. Abdur Rashid
88, Distilary Road, Gandariya, Dhaka
7411935, 01711-622335
New Rahim Engineering
Md. Abdur Rahim
169/1, Dholaiparh, Dhaka
Haque & Sons Engineering Works
Md. Golam Mostafa
1927, East Jurain, Dhaka
Belayet Engineering & Co.
Md. Belayet Hossain
196/A, Bangshal Road, Dhaka
7315542, 01711-561883
Jahanara Engineering Works
Sultan M Rahman
31, Hajee Osman Goni Road, Dhaka
9557451, 9566497, 01711-838000
M. N Engineering Works
Hajee Nur Hossain
79, Dholaikhal, Dhaka
Sakiba Engineering Works
Mohammad Ali
68, Hrishikash Das Road, Dhaka
7118920, 01711-
Pragaty Engineering Works
Md. Saiful Islam
23, Tipu Sultan Road, Dhaka
7118943, 7165501, 01713-014825
Fency Engineering Works
Md. Gias Uddin Ahmed
16/1, Lalmohon Saha Street, Dhaka
7125226, 7166373, 01711-145524
Dider Engineering Pvt. Ltd.
Md. Bacchu Miah
74, Hrishikash Das Road, Dhaka
7119764, 7113584, 01711-644390
Modern Erection Ltd.
Engr. Jaoyahirul Goni
223/B, Tejgaon I/A, Dhaka
9880592, 8828924, 01711524398
Precision Aloy Steel Custing Ltd.
Engr. Abdur Rahim
1078/2, Malibagh Chowdhury Para, Dhaka
7710471, 9358405, 01819-220455
New R H Engineering Works
Md. Abul Hasem
10, Shamibagh, New Road, Dhaka
7165996, 01712-014914
Chowdhury Engineering Works
Md. Sahidul Haque Chowdhury
25/2/Kaw, Shamibagh, Dhaka
7124353, 01711-524922
Hitech Engineering
Mohammad Kader Naowaz
84/9, Shamibagh, Doyagong, Dhaka
9557914, 9564113
Mitaly Engineering Works
Md. Awlad Hossain
217/10, North Jurain, New Road, Dhaka.
7421588, 01715-011203
Mashtar Engineering Works
Md. Saidur Rahman Shahin
76/Khaw/3, North Jatrabary, Bibibagichar 2no. Gait, Dhaka
7554290, 7553411 ®, 01711-682730
Bolaka Engineering Works
Md. Rafiqul Islam
25, Shamibagh new Road, Dhaka
7114606, 01713-010566, 7124607
Nahid Suppliers & Engineering Works
Md. Moslem Uddin Khan
30, Dinnath Sen Road, Gandaria, Dhaka
7417004, 7412481
Jamini Engineering Works
Shaikh Md. Samser Rahman
20, Paddanidhi Lane, Dhaka
Binimoy Engineering Works
Md. Salauddin
24/A, Tipu Sultan Road, Dhaka
7111636, 01711-709223
Dhaka Engineering Works
Mohiuddin Ahmed Manik
6/3, Tipu Sultan Road, Dhaka
7117596, 01911-351445
Solaman Engineering Works
Md. Solaman Zohor
7/3, Taherbagh Lane, Dhaka
Azad Engineering Works
Md. Azad
66, Taherbagh Lane, Dhaka
Graphic Service
Md. Abdul Mannan
67, Taherbagh Lane, Dhaka
7112833, 9349035
Rubal Engineering Works
Md. Habibur Rahman
15/19, Tipu Sultan Raod, Dhaka
Mamun Engineering Works
Md. Mofizul Haque
25/1, Jaykali Mandir Road, Dhaka
7116641, 7121870, 01711-565901
M. S Engineering Works
Fatema Begum
15/4/5, Hatkhola Road, Dhaka
N.S Engineering Works
Md. Shahid Iqbal
57, Goyalghat Lane, Dhaka
7125828, 01711-533189
H. T Engineering Works
Md. Abdul Hakim Miah
1/1, Taherbagh Lane, Dhaka
7121592, 7114457, 01713-042630
The Popular Engineering Works
Md. Osman Gony Bepary
188/1, Motijheel Inner Circular Road, Arambag, Dhaka
7101364, 7101365, 01713-005874
Anowar Engineering Works
Anowarul Haque Ansary
66, Taherbagh Lane, Dhaka
7164794, 01711-530619
Mita Engineering Works
Shangkar Chandra Ghosh
188, Nawabpur Road, Dhaka
7112009, 01716-519133
Surma Engineering Works
Md. Delowar Hossain
285 (872 New), South Shahjahanpur, Dhaka
9357691, 01711-848275
Beauty Engineering Works
Sayed Majid Ahmed
15/4-5, Hatkhola, Dhaka-1203
Khairul Engineering Works
Md. Khairul Kabir
34, Tipu Sultan Road, Dhaka
7113567, 01199-138640
Delowar Engineering Works
Md. Delowar Hossain
18, Rangkin Street, Wari, Dhaka
7111922, 01819-298435
Arfan Engineering Works
Md. Arfan Ahmed
1/1, Taherbagh Lane, Dhaka
Golden Engineering Works
Md. Abdul Hamed
15, Zoginagar, Wari, Dhaka
7118141, 01711-239633
Bolaka Gas Burner
Alhaj Md. Mohiuddin
65/3, Narinda Road, Dhaka
7112221, 01911-350270
Giyar Center Engineering Works
Khandakar Nasir Uddin
97, Narinda Road, Dhaka
Konica Engineering
Abul Quashem
33/C, Sharat Gupta Road, Dhaka
Diamond Engineering Works
Md. Harun ur Rashid
68/2, Taherbagh Lane, Nawabpur
Star Engineering Works
Abdul Majid Rana
18/3, Modonpal Lane, Nawabpur, Dhaka
7115336, 01711-036982
Khaled Engineering Works
S. M Aktaruzzaman
56/1, Uttar Moishundi, Dhaka
Janany Welding & Engineering Works
Md. Rafiqul Islam
1/1, Taherbagh Lane, Dhaka
7115004, 7512416
Sojol Engineering Works
Md. Abdur Rahim
7, Taherbagh Lane, Dhaka
Jalil Engineering Works
Md. Abdul Jalil
113/3, Nawabpur Road, Dhaka
7114830, 712216, 01199-866404
Jahangir Engineering Works
Md. Jahangir Alam
20/3, Modonpal Lane, Nawabpur Road, Dhaka
7171046, 7175091
City Metal
Md. Anowar Hossain
95/5/A, Dishtilary Road, Gandaria, Dhaka
7412415, 01715-112367
Razzaque Engineering Works
Md. Abdur Razzaque
149, Bonogram Road, Dhaka
Kaderiya Metal Industries
Md. Sekandar Ali
Road - 8, Plot - 13, Shampur Kadamtaly, Dhaka
Mohona Machineries Engineering Works
Md. Nurul Amin
3/2, Nandalal Datta Lane, Dhaka
Jahid Machinery Industry
Sayed Jahid Hossain
77, Hrishikash Das Road, Dhaka
7115864, 01819-505560
A.P.K Engineering Works
Md. Abu Taiyab
113/1, B.S.S Road, Dhaka
7113431, 01819-222028
Azad Industries
A.K Azad
45/1, Lalbagh Road, Lalbagh, Dhaka
8618833, 9660440, 01911-355520
Machine Ghor Engineering Works
Hajee Md. Abdus Sattar
31, Panchbhai Ghat Lane, Dhaka
J. Haque Engineering Works
Md. Shamim Ahmed
15/4, Sayed Nazrul Islam Road, Hatkhola, Dhaka
7118211, 7114881, 01711-529225,
Sohel Engineering Works
Md. Mozibor Rahman
49, Taherbagh Road, Dhaka
Badol Engineering Works
Md. Badol Gazi
90, Nasiruddin Sardar Lane, Kaltabazar, Dhaka
7123915, 01711-529596
Taniya Manufacturing Engineering Works
Mohammad Ali
6, Bhajhari Saha Street, Wari, Dhaka
7122411, 01819-142114
Bismillah Metal Engineering Works
Md. Jainal Abedin
119/E, Distilary Road, Gandaria, Dhaka
7413144, 01911-344473
Amzad Matellik (Pvt.) Ltd.
Amzad Iqbal
223, Tejgaon I/A, Dhaka
Fakir Engineering Works
Md. Sirajul Islam
New Janata Iron Market, 18, Muradpur, Jurain, Dhaka
S.M Engineering Works
Md. Samsher Ali Gang
38, Tipu Sultan Road, Dhaka
A. Rahman Engineering Works
Md. Abdur Rahman
26/B, Sayedabad, Dhaka
7512433, 01712-922005
Alamgir Brothers & Engineering Works
Hajee Md. Alamgir Khokon
110, Lalmonon Saha Street, Dhaka
7116461, 9565826, 01911-380108
Uttaran Engineering Works
Golam Kader Chowdhury
53, Old Mymansigho Road, Tejgaon, Dhaka
9121878, 9112810, 01819-256534
Ibrahim Kardi Enterprise
Md. Ibrahim Kardi
44/1, Taherbagh Lane, Dhaka
7113555, 01711-529797
Famous Spring
Md. Abdul Khaleque
76, Taherbagh Lane, Dhaka
7111339, 01711-675199
Jewel Engineering Works
Md. Jahirul Islam Jewel
127/A, Dishtilary Road, Dhaka
7111362, 01819-183761
Model Steel & Engineering Works
Hajee Bashir Ahmed
2, Narinda Road, Dhaka
Bright Engineering Works & Moulding
Md. Abdul Awal Munshi
22, Taherbagh Lane, Dhaka
9562210, 01715-730077
Flamfo Metal Industries
Md. Shams Uddin Ahmed
66, Taherbagh Lane, Dhaka
7111127, 01819-288456
Farlin Auto Engineering
Md. Shahadat Hossain
2, Nandalal Datta Lane, Dhaka
7115044, 01711-524608
Shamsuddin (Sujon) Engineering Works
Md. Shamsuddin Sujon
38, Tipu Sultan Road, Dhaka
Dider Engineering Works
Mrs. Sulekha Begum
69, Hrishikesh Das Road, Dhaka
7119764, 7125633
A.K.M.S Engineering Works
Mohammad Ali
15/1, Jorpul Lane, Dhaka
7119396, 01819-229695
Salim Enterprise
Md. Salim Sharif
145/146, Railway Market, Postogola, Dhaka-1204
Salam Engineering Works
Abdus Salam
93-94, Railway Market, Postogola, Dhaka-1204
7410031, 01711-811859, 01819-209448
Gandariya Engineering Works
Md. Abdul Hannan
88/A/3, Dishtilary Road, Gandariya, Dhaka
7413163, 7411395
G. M Engineering Works
Golam Mohammad
16/2, Golapbagh, Dhaka-1203
7514173, 7515065, 01711-620894
Bismillah & Fozor Ali Engineering Works
Md. Ali Akbar
58, North Jatrabari, Aiub Market, Dhaka
01711-818187, 01711-647200
Samir Engineering
Sudorshan Sarkar Sudhababu
Kaliganj Chor Masjid Market, Suvadda, Keraniganj, Dhaka
06224/88069, 7117027, 01715-154235
Jamuna Steel Engineering
Sayed Mohsin Ali
329/A/4, South Jatrabari, Dhaka-1204
7553791, 01711-984985, 01711-027320
H. I Marin Engineering Works
Md. Habibur Rahman
Chorkaliganj, Keraniganj, Dhaka
Jahangir Auto Engineering Works
Md. Jahangir Alam
104, BCC Road, Thatary Bazar, Dhaka
01819-111928, 7124531
New Super Electric Engineering Works
Md. Abid Iqbal
19, Bonogram Road, Dhaka
Crown Products
Md. Abul Quashem
2/1, Shirish Das Lane, Banglabazar, Dhaka
7116574, 01718-930851
Pro-Knit Engineering Works
Engr. Khan Ali Murtaja
55, Zarin Mansion (3rd Floor), Motijheel C/A, Dhaka-1000
9570855, 01711-590398
Papular Engineering Works
Md. Alal
156/2, Bonogram Road, Dhaka
Tripol-A-Rubber Engineering Works
Ashrafujjaman Chowdhury
105, BCC Road, Dhaka-1203
7116399, 01711-536774
Faruque Engineering Works
Md. Faruque Ahmed
65/3, Water Works Road, Rahmatganj, Dhaka
7312752, 01713-017007
S. P Engineering Works
Shree Profullo Chandra Sarkar
76, Narinda Road, Dhaka
7117395, 01713-002156, 01911-343906
B.N Engineering Works
Monoronjon Mondol Gang
74/1, Lalmohon Saha Street, Dholaikhal, Dhaka
01712-296608, 01712-077932
J. A Engineering Works
Md. Jamil
84, Sayedabad, Dhaka
Elahy Engineering Works
Md. Elahy
64/1, New Road, Goalghat, Dhaka
G.S Engineering Works
Bijoy Chandra Sarkar
65/3, Shah Saheb Lane, Narinda, Dhaka
7113567, 01819-806662
Mashtar Engineering Works
Md. Rahmat Ali Miah
12/D, Rokonpur 3rd Lane, Dhaka
7112269, 01711-535349
Faruque Engineering Works
Md. Omar Faruque
69, Goalghat, Dholaikhal, Dhaka
7125409/136, 7121506/136, 01711-027082
Soniya Engineering Works
Joykrishno Ghosh
32, Lalmohon Saha Street, Dhaka
7113323, 01711-838838
Ruksana Moulding Works
Md. Ohidul Islam
95, Dishtilary Road, Gandaria, Dhaka
Mostofa Rubber & Engineering Works
Md. Golam Mostafa
64, Mir Hazaribagh, Dhaka-1204
7412567, 0199-888557
Riaj Engineering Works
Md. Riajuddin
18, Rangkin Street, Wari, Dhaka
7111644, 01715-075388
Shahinur Engineering Works
Hajee Mosleh Uddin
1/B, Shahid Nazrul Iislam Sarak, Dhaka
7116718, 7119592
M. N Engineering Works
Md. Sayeed Hossain
38/2/B, Koratitola, Shamibagh, Dhaka
7110763, 7111226, 01711-548439
Daimond Engineering Works
Md. Abdus Samad
18/3, Gopymohon Bosak Lane, Dhaka
J.S Engineering Works
Md. Jahid
5, Takarhat Lane, Nawabpur, Dhaka
9556727, 01911-343720
Sathi Engineering Works
Md. Hanif
32/2, Lalchan Mukim Lane, Dhaka
Taju Motor & Engineering Works
Md. Tajul Islam
38, Tipu Sultan Road, Dhaka
New Nurany Engineering Works
Mohammad Munna
52, Tipu Sultan Road, Dhaka
East Bengal Engineering Works
Md. Sabbir Ali
13, Modonpal lane, Nawabpur, Dhaka
New Port Engineering Works
Md. Taher Ali
17/1, Modonpal lane, Nawabpur, Dhaka
The Italian Engineering Works
Md. Abdul Kader Gong
104, BCC Road, Thatary Bazar, Dhaka
Khaja Engineering Works
Md. Jainal Abedin
1, Taherbagh lane, Dhaka
9344588, 01819-228269
Haque Engineering Works
Md. Fazlul Haque Sarkar
705, Tangi Diversion Road, Boro Mogbazar, Dhaka-1217
9344588, 01713-047794
Raja Metal Industries
Md. Nazrul Islam Raja
67, Bonogram Road, Dhaka
7117425, 01711-568385
New Biddut Works
Md. Abul Kalam
18/3, Gopi Mohon Bosak Lane, Dhaka
Aahad Steel & Engineering
K. M Golam Hossain
Tatuljury, Nandakhaly, Hemayatpur, Savar, Dhaka
8011151, 01711-407913
Eco. L. M Engineering Works
Ms. Rokeya Begum
203/1, Lalmohon Saha Street, Dhaka
Salim Engineering Works
Salim Ahmmed
6, R. M Das Road, Sutrapur, Dhaka
7111519, 01711534853
Sabbir Engineering Works
Sabbir Ahmed
12, Katherpul Lane, Dhaka
7114034, 7165635, 01711-534853
K.B Fire Fitting Co.
Kamal Sarkar
11, Taherbagh Lane, Dhaka
Sarkar Metal Engineering & Industry Ltd.
Mohammad Bodiul Alam Gong
53, North Jatrabari, Dhaka
7547594, 01819-455299
Salim Engineering Works
Md. Salim
33/1, Goalghat Lane, Dhaka
7117413, 01711-310796
Shams Engineering
Md. Shamsul Haque
Section-1, Block-H, Road-1, Plot-15, Mirpur, Kalwala Parha, Dhaka-1210
8019135, 01819-230048
New Sundar Engineering Works
Md. Moslem Uddin
217-10, North Jurain, New Road, Dhaka
7414778, 01715-522195, 01711-640342
City Engineering Works
Khokon Raj
50/A, Rosulbagh, Shahid Tajuddin Sharany, Mohakhaly, Dhaka
8858174, 01552-116899
Lat Miah Engineering & Docyeard
Md. Lat Miah
Chorkaliganj, Keraniganj, Dhaka
Jamir Engineering Works
Engr. Md. Nazrul Islam
23/3, Nakhalparha, Samity Bazar, Dhaka-1212
8810342, 01911-703597, 01715-133242
Prograsiv Metal Works
Abdur Rahim Chowdhury
14, North Kutubkhaly, Doniya, Demra, Dhaka
01712-163737, 751817
Nazmul Engineering Works
Hajee Md. Yusuf Miah
59/2, Tipu Sultan Road, Dhaka
Sowan Engineering Works
Abdul Malek Dipty
202/A, Nawabpur Road, Dhaka
7119287, 01711-638300
Amir Hossain Engineering Works
Md. Amir Hossain
110, BCC Road, Thatary bazar, Dhaka
Chamely Engineering Works
Ashekur Rahman
18, Postogola I/A, Dhaka-1204
7410630, 9113479
B.R. F Engineering Works
Mrs. Reshma Chowdhury
46, Nazirabazar, Bangla Doyar, Dhaka-1100
Ali Engineering Works
Md. Anowar Ali
115/5, Nawabpur Road, Modonpal Lane, Dhaka
Maya Engineering Works
Md. Salek Ahmed
217, Lalmohon Saha Street, South Moishundy, Dhaka
7123443, 01711-547557
Abu Hassan Engineering Works
Md. Meraz Hossain
156/1, Bonogram Road, Dhaka
Progoty Spring Engineering Works
Md. Abdus Salam
23/24, Lalchan Mukim Lane, Dhaka
Meghna Engineering Works
Md. Elias
128, Bonogram Road, Dhaka
Al Asif Engineering
Anowar H Khan
GP "Kaw" 77/1, Khilkhat, Dhaka Cantonment, Dhaka
8913610, 8953703
Bangladesh Engineering Works
Mohammad Mulluk Chan Gang
72, H. K. Das Road, Narinda, dhaka
7115542, 01711-630421
Estarn Engineering & Electrical Works
Shaikh Nur Ul Islam
2, BCC Road, Dhaka-1203
A. Wahab Metal Industries
Hajee Md. Billal Hossain
10, North Moishundy, Dhaka
7114542, 7121771, 01711-561664
Paribartan Karigory karkhana
Md. Salauddin
52, North Moishundy, Dhaka
7117056, 7119246, 01819-221802
Suchona Metal Works
Md. Abdus salam
94, Narinda Road, Dhaka
7124633, 7123905, 01713-009488
Jamuna Engineering Works
Badol Ray
128, Bonogram Road, Dhaka
7122280, 01711-882904
Bismillah Engineering Works
Md. Nurul Islam
North Matuyail, College Road, Demra, Dhaka
7117555, 01711-527743
Nation Engineering Works
Khorshed Alam Faku
202/A, Nawabpur Road, Dhaka
7123606, 01711-527743
Rahat Engineering Works
Md. Shahjahan Mir
41/5, Shamibagh, Demra Road, Dhaka
A.K Engineering Works
Abul Kalam Azad
327/5, South Jatrabary, Dhaka-1204
7517437, 01711-604304
Gourab Industries Limited
Dr. Fazlur Rahman Khan
39, Sharat Gopta Road, Narinda, Dhaka
7113125, 7117738, 01199-859864
Khorshed Foundry & Engineering Works
Hajee Md. Shafikul Islam
1921, Hajee Khorshed Ali Sardar Lane, Jurain, Dhaka
7416214, 01720-158942
S.N Engineering Works
Md. Nurul Islam
48/6, Lalmohon Saha Street, Dhaka
Jalal Engineering Works
Md. Jalal
8, Horonath Ghosh Lane, Lalbagh, Dhaka
8616529, 01711-833843
Jamuna Engineering Works
Md. Shahidul Islam Hiru
97/F, Hossany Dala Road, Dhaka
7300439, 01713-010381
Shawon Engineering Works
Md. Ashikur Rahman Ramjan
128/c, Dishtilary Road, Murgitola, Dhaka
Bably Engineering Works
Md. Abdul Latif
25/1, Shamibagh, Dhaka
7113343, 01819-287044
Loma Engineering Ltd.
Mir Mohammad Asalat
204/B, Tejgaon I/A, Dhaka
9898390, 9897992, 01711-524267
H. N Enterprise
Md. Harun ur Rashid
13, Modonpal lane, Asha Market, Nawabpur, Dhaka
7123875, 01711-706680
Bikrompur Engineering Works
M. A Samad
Chorkaliganj, Chormirerbagh, Keraniganj, Dhaka
Sumit Engineering Co.
Md. Yusuf
209, Korimullabagh, Dhaka
7417204/104, 01711-158287
Islam Seet Cutting & Engineering Works
Hajee Md. Islam Uddin
57-58, Tipu Sultan Road, Dhaka
Maijuddin Engineering Works
Md. Maijuddin
65, Goyalghat Lane, Tipu Sultan Road, Dhaka
7175064, 01819-492145
Expo Tredars
Ahmed Hossain Chowdhury
28, Mymansingho Road, BanglaMotor, Dhaka
9668424, 01711-528267
United Trade Center
M.N Alam
66, Taherbagh Lane, Dhaka
7111127, 7112576, 01711-075500
Anamika Electric & Engineering
Md. Shah Alam
202/A, Nawabpur Road, Dhaka
7175076, 01711-633683
Dastagir Metal Industries (Pvt) Ltd.
Shaikh Mohammad Mominul Islam
Paity, Konapara, Demra, Dhaka. Post:80, LalmohonSaha Stree, Dhaka
7401642, 01713-013808
Bagdad Agro Metal
Md. Kamal Uddin
39, Modon Pal Lane, Nawabpur, Dhaka
7608433, 7115177, 01552-359350
Rifat Engineering Works
Md. Royal
24/1, Shamibagh, Dhaka
7113110, 01712-286553
Bhai Bhai Engineering Works
Md. Sultanur Rahman (Tipu)
7/1, Zom Zom Market, 1, Rail Gait, Tejgaon, Dhaka-1208
Israfil Alam Engineering Works
Md. Israfil Alam
7/2, Taherbagh Road, Dhaka
M.B Engineering Works
Md. Nasir Uddin Miah
49, Taherbagh Road, Dhaka
M/s kader Plastic Industries
Abdul Kadir
81/A, Nawabpur Road, Dhaka
The Engineering Works
Mirajul Islam
1, Folder Street, Wari, Dhaka
4116348, 7100760, 01819-212265
K & Q (Bangladesh) Ltd.
Abid Awal
Ankor Tower, 1/1 B Sonargaon Road, Dhaka
8619521, 01819-270406
Mokka Engineering Works
Abdul Aziz
5, Tipu Sultan Road, Dhaka
7173927, 01715-114921, 01911-380978
New Suman Sheet Cutting
Md. Zahirul Haque Dulu
29, Katherpurl Lane, New road, Dhaka
Quasem Drycells Ltd.
Tasvir Ul Islam
107-Motijheel C/A, Dhaka-1000
Otobi Ltd.
Nitun Kunda
14, Dilkhusha C/A, Dhaka-1000
Haque Brothers (Carbide) Ltd.
Ahteshamul Haque
85/A, New Eskaton Road, Dhaka-1000
Prince Enterprise
M. A Mannan
67, Probal Housing Shakhar Tak Ring Road, Mohammadpur, Dhaka-1207
Hitech Fire Fitting Equipment Factory
Md. Mizanur Rahman
206, Nawabpur Road, 2n Floor, Dhaka-1100
9561403, 7121746, 01819-240135
Standard Spring & Industries
Alhaj Abdus Sattar
78/6, Nawabpur Road, Dhaka-1100
S. Alam Engineering Works
Md. Shamsul Alam
34, Bijoy Nagar, 2nd Floor, Dhaka-1000
Surma Enterprise
Md. Sohel Ahmmed
9/3, Chandra Mohon Bosak Street, Bonogram Lane, Dhaka
Hi-tech Spaires Ltd.
Md. Akhtaruzzaman Manju
604, Baitul Hossain Building, 27, Dilkusha C/A, Dhaka
9562519, 9568647
Electro Venture Ltd.
Mirza Golam Erfan
Mamataj Plaza (5th Floor), House-7, Road-4, Dhanmondi R/A, Dhaka-1205
Techno Venture Ltd.
A. H. M Mahtab Uddin
Mamataj Plaza (5th Floor), House-7, Road-4, Dhanmondi R/A, Dhaka-1205
Macsim Engineering Works
Sazzad Jaman
41/1, Tipu Sultan Road, Dhaka-1100
Fransib Ltd.
Rozar B. Dendoy
House-82, Road-23, Flat-B1, Gulshan, Dhaka
8825578, 8872494
Joynal Abedin Engineering Works
Md. Sirajuddin
51, Goyalghant (New Road), Dhaka
The Banglal Repairing Works
Gony Ahmed
38, Jonson Road, Dhaka-1100
Quality Senitary Products
Abdur Rahim Chowdhury
Jamuna Agency, 145,147 Hajee Osman Gony Road, Dhaka Tower, Dhaka
Samah Rejar Blades Industries Limited
Abdus Sattar
147/248, Tejgaon I/A, Dhaka
Hitex Metal Works
Md. Nawab Ali
43/33, Sayedabad, Dhaka
01716-327418, 01911-007823
Dalia Advance CNC Tools Room
Nurul Alam
329/A/4, South Jatrabari, Dhaka
9565786, 01711-524608
R Industries Limited
Road-4, House-9-b/3, Dhanmondy, Dhaka-1205
8620533, 01711-404826
Jam Light Engineering Limited
Cornel (Ret.) Mahmud Ur Rahman Chowdhury
87, New Eskaton Road (6th Floor), Dhaka
9117669, 01819-24773
Femouse Filter & Machineries
Md. Aktar Hossain Babul
12/E, Advance Rupnagar, Road-1, House-10, Polloby, Mirpur, Dhaka
7110238, 01711-529728
General Engineering Works
Md. Amir Hossain
Modhubagh Parha, Dogair, Demra, Dhaka
Haque Trading Corporation
Md. Sahid
11, Lalchan mukim Lane, Dhaka
7116023, 01711-560487
Jewel Enterprise
Md. Khalil Manik
33, Ayasha Market, Modonpal Lane, Dhaka
7120512, 01711-116276
Sattar Metal Industries
M. A Sattar
Baitul Hossain Building (10th Floor), Room-1105, 27, Dilkusha C/A, Dhaka
7171391, 9551147, 01712-261527
H. K Engineering Works
Md. Rafiqur Rahman
50, Tipu Sultan Road, Dhaka
8622200, 01711-858890
Chowdhury Trade Inturnational
Shahinur Alam Chowdhury
107, BCC Road, Thatary Bazar, Dhaka
7116502, 01715-046606
Golden Village Engineering (Pvt) Ltd.
Al-haj Mohammad Sajid Hossain Quashem (Prince)
82/12-B, North Jatrabari, Shahjalal ® House (Ground Floor), Dhaka-1204,
7512486, 7520815, 01711-338720
Hassan Engineering Works
Md. Kamal Hossian
78, Motijheel C/A (8th Floor), Dhaka
9571793, 01713-409055
Robiul Alam Manufacturing & Company
Md. Robiul Alam Mojumdar
15, North Bruk Hall Road, Dhaka
7176672, 01712-006389,01911-305876
H.S Engineering Works
Sudhir Sarkar
5, Bhajahory Saha Street, Dhaka
7110276, 01715-432252
Rima Engineering Works
M. A Khalaque Khan
317/Kaw, Lalbag Road, Lalbagh, Dhaka-1211
86103777, 01712-928530
Modina Mold Works
Md. Moinuddin Mainu
32/34/A, Lalbagh Road, Lalbagh, Dhaka
Mafiya Engineering Works
Md. Abul Quashem (Titu)
48/2, A, Khaja Deowan 2nd Lane, Lalbagh, Dhaka
9668472, 01552-353661
Dinasty Furniture
Mohammad Afzal Hossain
Plot-15, Kadamtaly Road, Shampur, Dhaka
7163426, 7163516, 01711-543444
Bhai Bhai Engineering Works
Md. Shah Alam
28, Kawran Bazar (Taj Mention), Tejgaon, Dhaka
8157899, 01552-369324
Mohammadia Tools & Foundary Industries
Forhad Alam Sohel
Bhaighor (West Parha), Narayanganj Link road, Folullah, Dhaka
7604360, 01720-318402
Happy Engineering Works
Md. Zohor
29/12, K. M Das Lane, Dhaka
M. K. Ali Engineering Works
Quazi Md. Ali
42/1, Lalbagh Road, Dhaka
Haque & Company (Drycells) Limited
Adam Tamiji Haque
85/A, New Eskaton Road, Dhaka-1000
8317990, 01711-593599
Dynex Inturnational
Md. Abul Kalam Azad
Ellal Chamber (3rd Floor), 11, Motijheel C/A, Dhaka
9570752, 7112137, 01711-531812
Ahmed Printing Machinery Works
Md. Yaqube
6, Tipu Sultan Road, Dhaka
7122979, 01819-453191
Soco Metal Engineering
Md. Imam Hossain Imon
2/1, Quazir Gaon, Hajee Abdus Samad Sarhak, Matuyail, Zatrabari, Dhaka
01913-399557, 01670766513
S.S Steel War
Shamim Ahmed
Zinzira Tinpatti, Keraniganj, Dhaka
7771499, 01711-522426
Smith & Envil Ltd.
Md. Abdul Halim
11, Motijheel C/A, Ellal Chamber (3rd Floor) Dhaka
7112137, 9570752, 01817-573417
Sadip Corporation
Engr. Sarowar Jahan
10, New Baily Road, Siddhasshory Circular Road, Dhaka
9340038, 01711-824859
S. Brothers Ricycling Industries
Shaikh Nazem Uddin
26/A, Lalchan mukim Lane, Dhaka
7173098, 01716-980382
B. R. S Engineering Works
Md. Mazibul Haque
43/1, B. Shahid Nagar, Lalbagh, Dhaka
8653916, 01552-644126, 01712-250352
S.M Engineering Works
Md. Sayeed Hossain
East Chorail, Keraniganj, Dhaka
7112643, 7122693, 01819-288789
Artisan Craft
Mr. Md. Shahed Hassan
93, Aziz Super Market (1st Floor),Shahbag, Dhaka-1000
8617184, 01819-227450
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Mithila Engineering Works
Md. Ruhul Amin
31/A, Shamibagh, Dhaka
7124209, 01710-580783
Halim Engineering Works
Md. Abul Hasem
Shampur Kadamtoly Road, Plot-32, Shampur, Dhaka
Shawon Metal Engineering Works
Md. Taufiqul Islam
22, New Jurain (Alambagh) Dhaka-1204
Forhad Metal Engineering
Md. Faruque
11/1, Alambagh, New Jurain, dhaka-1204
M/s. Agry Foundry & Engineering Works
Md. Shukkur Miah
336, New Jurain, Dhaka-1204
7411580, 7420096, 01711-622047
Adarsha Engineering & Machinery Works
Md. Shahjahan Basar
32/6, Bonogram Road, Dhaka
Machine Traders
Mr. Shaheen Kabir
94/B, Distilary Road, Gandariya Dhaka
S.S Engineering Works
Md. Shohel Kamar
6/Khaw, 1/16, Sen para, Parbota, Mirpur-10, Dhaka
8033739, 01914-870561
T.S.T Engineering Works
Tofazzal Hossain Tota
Bhaighor(Beside the Mosjid e Koba), Fatullah, Narayangaj
7166233, 01711-670364
Vantez Technologies Limited
Z. J. A. S. Siddiky
58, Dilkusha C/A, (3rd Floor), Dhaka-1000
Lisa Engineering Works
Md. Jabed
126/C, Siddique Bazar, Dhaka
7115336, 01711-626607
New Goldast Engineering
Md. Akbar Ahmmed
4/1, Bonogram Road, Pukur parh, Mosjid Goli, Wari, Dhaka
Sujan Welding & Radiator Works
Md. Saijuddin Sujan
50, Tipu Sultan Road, Dhaka
Shahjahan Engineering Ass.
M. Shahjahan
51, Motijheel C/A, Aktar Chembar (2nd Floor), Dhaka
9560706, 01816-740604
Setu Engineering & Grinding Works
Shankar Sarkar
2, Narinda Road, Dhaka
Pappu Engineering Works
Ershad Hossain (Pappu)
6/2/A, Tipu Sultan Road, Dhaka
Brothers Engineering Works
Haji Abul Hossain
7/8/2, BCC Road, Dhaka
Ashraf Tools
Md. Aftab Alam
18/B, Tipu Sultan Road, Dhaka
Sathi Metal Engineering Works
Md. Jullu Miah
13, New Jurain, Alambagh, Postagola
Da Li Investment Co. Ltd.
Lu Yen Jui (David)
House#382, Floor# 3rd, Road#06, DOHS, Dhaka
Bikon Modern Technology
Md. Morshed Alam
93/1/B, Malibagh Chowdhury parha, DIT Road, Dhaka
Maksud Engineering Works
Maksud Alam
18, Rangkin Street, Wari, Dhaka
Mahbub Engineering Works
Mrs. Samsad Begum
16/2, Tipu Sultan Road, Dhaka
7118038, 01552-441746
Taher Engineering Works
Md. Abu Taher
Gaw-25/5/5, Shahjadpur, Gulshan, Dhaka